About Us

My name is Robert Jack owner of Southern Tier Electric, LLC. I began my career as an apprentice electrician in 1979. During that period I worked in both residential and commercial Electrical wiring, new construction electrical wiring and retrofit & restorationelectrical wiring. I formed my electrical contracting business in 1986 which was also involved in Home Building and remodeling.Besides striving to provide quality work on time I continually work to find innovative solutions to the issues the industry faces every day. Continue reading this page to learn more and be sure to review my Electrical Improvement Products page

We’ll Collaborate on your Projects Design and Engineering

We will assist and collaborate in designing your project. Sometimes a developer will hand us a set of blueprints and have us place the electrical schematic on the prints and calculate the service size. On building renovation projects involving change-of-use we are sometimes asked to meet with theGeneral Contractor, Architects and engineers to review the blue prints and offer input. Or sometimes during a building renovation project we’ll encounter situations where a better way reveals itself and we’ll bring it to the attention of the GC who will relay it to the engineers. This provides a more desirable outcome.

When budget is critical we can help value engineer

We have had GC’s hand us their prints and ask for ways to value engineer a project. We review the plan specifications, sharpen our pencil and generate cost saving alternatives. These alternatives can add up to tens of thousands of dollars on some projects. If you have a project with a tight budget, let us see what we can do.

Work Force Collaboration in today’s tradesman shortage environment provides benefits to General Contractors

Contractors nationwide are all feeling the effects of the skilled labor shortage. In the electrical field estimates are 10,000 electricians retiring each year and only 3,000 new electricians entering the field. This shortage is driving up Trade Labor Costs. Southern Tier Electric, LLC is now offering Workforce Collaboration to Builders and General Contractors as a way to counter act the adverse effects of the Escalating Skilled Workforce Deficit. Builders and General Contractors can use their own workforce to work along with me on a project to save money prevent delays and add another level of training and skill advancement to their employees.

Effects of Workforce Shortage:

• Hard to find available and qualified Electrical Contractors

• Increasing Electrical costs

• Project delays

• Mistakes


Benefits of Our Work Force Collaboration: (Beta)

• Cost savings

• Seamless scheduling of projects electrical phase

•In house work force training while saving money


How it works:

A builder or GC can hire me by the hour, providing one or more of their employees to work with me on your project. I’ll train and provide any specialty tools. My rate for this $75.00 hr.